A few weeks ago the trailer for the Battleship movie played during the Super Bowl. And, as you may have been wondering, it is indeed based on the rather mundane board game of the same name. From the looks of it they have thrown in explosions, military action, hot young actors, Liam Neeson, and, I may be wrong here, aliens. Sort of Top Gun meets Transformers.

There is also a Monopoly movie being developed by none other than Gladiator director Ridley Scott. I kid you not.

But, save your smirk because another board game turned movie bombshell was dropped just last week.

Fresh off his record setting 11 Razzie nominations (read about them here), Adam Sandler has signed on to develop and star in the Candy Land movie. Yes, you heard that right, Candy Land.

I was vague on the details of the Candy Land game so I looked it up on Wikipedia. It immediately stated, “The game requires no reading and minimal counting skills.” Yep, that’s an Adam Sandler movie.

Don’t get me wrong though. I’ve been amused by the Sand Man’s movies over the years. Their juvenile humor and silliness haven’t escaped me. But Candy Land? This sounds like one of those fake movies in Funny People, the ones where Sandler mocks himself and some of the career choices he’s made (think last year’s Jack and Jill).

Anyway, for those just waiting to see Sandler explore the Peppermint Forest or trek the Gum Drop Mountains, wait patiently, your time is coming.

Just more proof how scarce an original idea is in Hollywood.

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